Discover the benefits of respite for caregivers

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who provides care to an elderly loved one, someone with a disability or a family member with dementia, you know how demanding the work is. From time to time, you may have tried to get another family member to assist or relied upon a friend or neighbor.

But, if you’re like most people who are giving care to someone in their homes, most of the responsibility falls upon you, with only occasional assistance from others. You may feel no one understands your day-to-day challenges.

Care Companions of Ohio understands. We know, and research demonstrates, that caregivers who are able to take a break from their caregiving responsibilities are healthier, less stressed and provide better care to their loved ones. What isn’t often discussed is that the person who is receiving care – whether it’s a spouse, parent, child or other relative – can benefit when someone else steps in to lend a hand.

Care Companions of Ohio specializes in providing in-home, non-medical care and companionship to our clients. We provide high-quality, individualized care for our clients, regardless of whether we’re providing care through a long-term arrangement or the occasional delivery of respite care.

Here are 10 ways in-home respite care can benefit your loved one:

1. When you’re around someone 24/7 it’s sometimes easy to miss subtle changes in them that might indicate something amiss. Care Companion staff members bring both fresh eyes and experience right to your home … and that can make a real difference.

2. We listen. Many of our clients like to reminisce about their lives, their families and their careers. Care Companions have good ears. We love to hear their stories and share their lives with them in meaningful ways.

3. Care is our first name! Care Companions staff genuinely care about your loved ones and demonstrate it each and every day, with every client.

4. We help. Care Companion staff can help with a wide range of activities, including bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and more.

5. We socialize. No matter the age or the ability, we human beings are social animals. We thrive on meeting new people and making new friends. Our Care Companions provide just that opportunity.

6. We play. Whether it’s a game of checkers, help with the crossword puzzle, or a friendly game of cards, Care Companions’ sole focus is on making each visit enjoyable, memorable and fun.

7. We travel. That’s right, Care Companions can provide transportation to the grocery, drug store, dry cleaners, church … wherever your loved one needs to go.

8. We cook delicious, nutritious meals that your loved one will enjoy eating.

9. We’re flexible. We can be there for your loved one as little as you like, or as much as you like. Care Companions offers flexible plans that suit your ever-changing needs. Just ask.

10. Support for you. We know how hard it can be to be responsible for someone else all of the time. Our Care Companions care not just for your loved one, but for you, too. They offer ideas, information and tips that can help make the entire caregiving experience easier and more satisfying for everyone. Setting up respite care now means you’ll be prepared for an emergency should one arise. If you become ill or have to take care of another family member, who will care for your loved one?

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